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Surgery Notice Posted on 3 Feb 2022

We are finding that demand for appointments is increasing and may soon exceed what we can physically manage.

We do not want to abandon the current system as it has worked well in the past and we are proud of the positive feedback we receive.

To maintain this system, we need everybody to use the system efficiently and appropriately.

“Saving problems up” does not help us as the appointment is still 10 minutes!
In exceptional circumstances, a double appointment can be requested.

Please make it clear from the start what the most important issues to discuss are, we find that many people use minor issues to “build up to the main one” to find there is no time left.

Examples of inappropriate use are:

  • Making an appointment to ask for repeat medications.
    If you require a further supply of a medication either hand-in your repeat list or a written request. The GP will decide if you will require an appointment or otherwise give you another supply. We have decided that doctors will start being “firm” about this issue and in principle NOT issue repeat prescriptions during a non-related consultation
  • Using an appointment for a continuation of a sick note. (unless the GP has specifically asked you to make an appointment) a written or telephone request will do.
  • Requests for reports or travel cancellation forms should be handed into the receptionist.
  • Blood pressure can be monitored by the nurse, you do not have to see a GP for this. After discussion, we may agree with you that home monitoring is an option. Decent machines cost only £20 but we would advise you what to buy.

Wait and see” for a few days wait will resolve most minor ailments (e.g. One patient booked an appointment as they had a simple headache for one hour).

You can also obtain advice from your local pharmacist or there are many web sites that will offer advice.

We work very hard to make sure our promise of an appointment on the day that you need it. The appointment system is finely balanced so that capacity meets demand, please help us take care of it.

 Gil-Candon, Douglass and Hedges

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