Non NHS Services

Private Work

If you only require paperwork to be completed it is not necessary to make an appointment to see a doctor. Please hand the form/letter etc to the receptionist who will then log it and submit it for the doctor's attention. Allow a week for completion before collection and, where appropriate, payment. Charges vary, so please ask at reception for more details.

The first consultation after a road traffic Accident and medical examinations for insurance/employer/sports etc are not provided under the National Health Service. This work is done at our discretion and often will be charged for. Arrangements can be made at reception.

We receive a lot of requests in surgery to "get a note from your doctor"  for various things.  In general,  a note from us is not usually needed.  Most agencies such as DWP, Housing agencies, Insurance companies etc will write to us directly with a signed consent form from yourselves if they require medical information.  If you do need us to prepare a letter for some reason - these are likely to attract a charge as they are not NHS work. If you are told to get a note from us please ask whoever feels they need a note to write to us themselves.

We do not provide doctors letters to excuse you from attendance in court. 

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