We are able to offer appointments with a doctor within 24 hours and usually on the same day. Consultations can also be undertaken in Spanish.

This system has proved very popular with our patients, but in order for it to work it is essential that these appointments are only used for those situations that require a doctor's medical advice.

There are many conditions that are best served by seeing our highly trained nurses, such as:
Coronary heart disease, asthma, diabetes, chronic obstructive airways disease, HRT, hypertension, pill check, plus many other conditions where the diagnosis has been made and routine follow-up is required. Transferring this care to nursing staff allows the freeing-up of doctors' appointments.

Appointments with the doctors are not intended for the signing or filling in of forms. These should be handed in at reception. (It is vital that easier access to doctors is not clogged up with trivia and non-medical issues; if this happens, the system will fail.)

It is possible if agreed by the GP for patients to make a telephone appointment. You may leave a message for your GP with the receptionist if you wish.

Please do not make a doctors appointment for repeat prescriptions - these should be handed in to the reception desk  allowing 2 working days for processing.  Our highly trained pharmacist helps us ensure safe prescribing and may advise you to attend to a review or other monitoring if necessary.

Please do not ask for appointments for dental problems.  The Royal College of General Practitioners expressly advises us not to treat dental problems as we are not indemnified to do so.  This includes dental abscesses and toothache.  If you have these problems, please telephone the Emergency dentist on 0845 46 47.  Antibiotics are no longer advised for dental problems.

My Health Online

We are registered with My Health Online (MHOL) which means you can book an appointment or order a repeat prescription from your computer without ringing or coming to the surgery. There is a selection of times, dates and doctors to choose from. As more patients use this system we will allocate more appointments for remote booking.

To register just ask at reception for the appropriate forms. If you are unable to get to the surgery, please ring and ask any staff member to send you the forms in the post. Alternatively, someone can collect the forms and register on your behalf, with your permission. 

Patient Frequently Asked Questions with My Health Online

My Health Online Patient Guide

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